Korker Hair Bows

My Korker Hair Bows are big and fullThe Korker is great for dressing up an outfit or showing your team spirit! The regular Korker measures 2 1/2 inches to 3 inches wide and the Large Korker measures 3 1/2 inches to 4 inches wide and they are placed on your choice of clip. All Korkers are treated to insure that they will keep their curl, giving your girl years of wear.  This bow is a great accent for pigtails and ponytails. You have your choice of mounting your Korker on a partially lined clippie, partially lined clippie with no-slip grip, French clip or Pony-O. All ends are professionally sealed to prevent fraying and keep bows looking new.   In the top picture, model is wearing a large korker and in the bottom picture, the model the wearing two regular korkers.

Aqua Marine Korker-korker, turquoise, aqua
Aqua Marine Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Blueberry Korker-korker, blue
Blueberry Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Christmas Korker-christmas, korker, holidays, winter
Christmas Korker
$5.00 - $17.00
Custom Korker Hair Bow-korker hair bow, korker, pom-pom, snowball, snow ball
Custom Korker Hair Bow
$4.50 - $15.00
Custom Korker Mini-Streamer Pony-O-korker, pony-o, pony o, ponytail, pony tail, cheer, team, dance, sport, sports, pigtail, pig tail, piggy, streamer
Custom Korker Mini-Streamer Pony-O
Custom Korker Shoe Pom-Pom Set-cheer, cheerleader, cheerleading, shoe, pom-pom, pompom, pom pom
Custom Korker Shoe Pom-Pom Set
Custom Korker Streamer Pony-O-korker, pony-o, pony o, ponytail, pony tail, cheer, team, dance, sport, sports, streamer
Custom Korker Streamer Pony-O
Custom Mini Combo Streamer Pony-O-pony-o, pony o, ponytail, pony tail, cheer, team, dance, sport, sports, pigtail, pig tail, piggy, streamer, korker
Custom Mini Combo Streamer Pony-O
$4.50 - $8.00
Custom Solid Color Korker-korker, solid, hair bow, custom
Custom Solid Color Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Green Envy Korker-korker, green, pigtail, ponytail
Green Envy Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Halloween Modern Korker-korker, halloween
Halloween Modern Korker
$4.50 - $14.00
Halloween Traditional Korker-korker, halloween
Halloween Traditional Korker
$4.50 - $14.00
Lemongrass and Brown Korker-korker, carter's, carters, brown, green
Lemongrass and Brown Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Mini Korker-korker mini infant small, corker
Mini Korker
$3.00 - $5.00
Orange Sherbet Korker-korker, orange, peach, pigtail, ponytail
Orange Sherbet Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Pastel Korker-korker, spring, easter, pastel
Pastel Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Patriotic Korker-korker, patriotic, corker, curly, curls, snowball
Patriotic Korker
$5.00 - $17.00
Patriotic Korker Streamer Pony-O-patriotic, 4th of july, korker, ponyo, pony-o, pony o, pony tail, ponytail, streamer
Patriotic Korker Streamer Pony-O
$5.00 - $15.00
Patriotic Mini Korker-patriotic, korker, baby, infant, small
Patriotic Mini Korker
Pink and Brown Swiss Dots Korker-korker, pink and brown, swiss dots
Pink and Brown Swiss Dots Korker
$5.00 - $16.00
Pretty in Pink Korker-korker, pink
Pretty in Pink Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Primary Korker-korker, back to school, primary, kindergarten, pre, corker, curly, curls, snowball
Primary Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Purple Crush Korker-korker, purple
Purple Crush Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Purple Crush Korker Streamer Pony-O-korker, pony-o, pony tail, ponyo, pony o, streamer
Purple Crush Korker Streamer Pony-O
Rainbow Korker Streamer-korker, streamer, ponytail, pigtail, pony-o, rainbow
Rainbow Korker Streamer
$5.00 - $15.00
Red and Green Korker Pony-O Streamer-korker, pony o, pony-o, pony tail, pony, christmas, holiday, ponyo, streamer
Red and Green Korker Pony-O Streamer
St. Patrick's Day Korker-korker, st. patrick's, irish, saint patrick's day, emerald, green, white
St. Patrick's Day Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Sunshine Yellow Korker-korker, yellow, pigtail, ponytail
Sunshine Yellow Korker
$4.50 - $15.00
Valentine's Day Korker-korker, valentine, valentine's day, pink, red, white
Valentine's Day Korker
$4.50 - $15.00

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